Welcome to SkillTech

Since 2006, SkillTech has been specialised in training Romanians with university educations in electrical engineering. The aim is to structurally fill the major shortages in the technical labour market in western Europe.

SkillTech is your partner in filling vacancies that are difficult to fill. It is well known that theoretical training in former Eastern Bloc countries is of a high level. Due to a lack of modern equipment and materials, however, practical training is at a low level. SkillTech has developed a one-year programme in addition to the university programme, dealing in particular with the practical component. Candidates are also prepared for the western job market, culture and customs.

A unique aspect is that you can present your specific needs and requirements in terms of training at an early stage, enabling you to absorb highly trained individuals into your organisation as needed. There is a high probability of success because the candidates can do internships within your organisation for several weeks during training. This means you know who you will be getting. It is even possible for you to be present during recruitment. In view of our great experience in technical and recruiting terms (over 30 years), the candidates’ high level of motivation and your input, success is assured.

Work area


SkillTech is mainly oriented towards businesses operating in western Europe. These businesses often have an international character.



SkillTech’s recruiting is highly secure, which is the basis of its success. Hiring starts with good publicity at participating universities.



SkillTech has three training centres in two locations in Romania for engineers in Galaţi and Iaşi.



Theoretical knowledge among Romanian students is of a high level and the programme is very intensive compared to education in the Netherlands.