Work area

SkillTech is mainly oriented towards businesses operating in western Europe. These businesses often have an international character. SkillTech’s candidates are very willing to work internationally. SkillTech initially began in the form of Alewijnse Holding B.V., which experienced a great shortage of highly trained individuals in its maritime division. When this approach proved to be successful, other businesses asked to participate as well. The basic programme was adapted so that industry and utility could be served in addition to the maritime sector.

At our three training centres, in Gala�?i, Braşov and Iaşi, we train university graduates for jobs in technology. Although the basis is electrical engineering, related technologies are also represented in the training. Enthusiastic and motivated young engineers are trained to work in engineering (design and draughting, AutoCAD and E-plan), automation (software) and are also taught to combine thought and action: in deployment or management jobs in implementation. There are good opportunities to apply this training in the service industry as well. They are, after all, very independent and motivated and have considerable intelligence and fluency in English. This means working internationally is not a problem at all, even for long periods. Since placement is still mostly in the Netherlands, the Dutch language is part of the basic training. They may take additional intensive language training in the Netherlands if they wish.

Our operations are very much appreciated by the trade association as well as the government. We have received financial support to be able to set up installer training.

Challenges are minimal at home in terms of technology and career, and our people are therefore looking outside Romania for work and further development in the future, including in the long term. Therefore your investment in these people is not for the short term. They would like to settle outside Romania. All required papers such as work permits, insurance, etc., and also decent accommodation, will be provided by SkillTech.

We see ourselves as an extension of your hiring operations and wish to take the worries off your hands. We will stay in contact with you after hiring to ensure that both you and the Romanians are satisfied and continue to be satisfied.