SkillTech has three training centres in two locations in Romania for engineers in Galaţi and Iaşi. Training for engineers takes one year, from October to October. Both electrical installers and engineers receive training at our training centres in Romania that is entirely attuned to Dutch standards and legislation. The electronic study material (e-learning) has been developed entirely in the Netherlands by professionals at installation companies in conjunction with the training and development fund for the technical installation trade (OTIB). The essential material for the practical lessons is also imported from the Netherlands. The basic lesson plan has been created with and by Dutch installation companies. The modules contain lesson material for the industrial, maritime and utility sectors. New modules are continually added to the programme, in line with the latest technology. If needed, new modules are developed (together with our clients) and added to the standard programme or given exclusively to students pre-selected for these businesses.

Students’ personal development is also an important part of our training. In addition to courses such as communication, time management, effective cooperation and team-building, they are prepared for work in the Netherlands with a course on Dutch society and its legislation, rules and customs. Students in Romania are also given a grounding in the Dutch language and take the ‘Basic Safety’ course. The lesson plan for engineers allows for one or more practical internships in the Netherlands. Companies thereby have the option of selecting candidates from the interns for their company. There is also an option to give students a project during their internships, to be completed during the rest of their training in Romania. Since the lesson plan consists almost entirely of modules, students can do internships at virtually any point. The time of the internship can usually be determined by the company involved. Download the lesson plan here.

Electrical installers
The two practical centres have modern equipment according to the Dutch model. Students learn professional knowledge through E-learning modules. After each module, students complete a number of practical projects evaluated by the instructor according to Dutch protocols. Although the installers know English, the lesson material has been translated entirely into Romanian. Our clients have the option of adding specific technology (including installation) to the training in order to better prepare installers for their work in the Netherlands. Download the lesson plan here.