SkillTech’s recruiting is highly secure, which is the basis of its success. Hiring starts with good publicity at participating universities. In addition to publications, the professors also communicate the option to participate. The best reference is of course the SkillTech group in training at that time, which future employees can always talk to for knowledge about theory as well as the practical component. Guest classes are also provided for future students. The professors of the various faculties advise us and pre-selection is done by a professional Romanian company. Final selection is done by SkillTech management. We focus on students in their final year who will be graduating and those who have just graduated and will either be doing a master’s programme or not. After all preparatory interviews, we meet and talk extensively with all applicants. Technical knowledge is important, of course, but equally important are motivation, willingness to work internationally, knowledge of English and the ability to integrate into western European work methods and culture. In view of our years of experience in hiring and selection, training and development of technical employees, we can assemble a balanced team. We have consciously chosen locations in eastern Romania, where the standard of living is lower than in western Romania. The work mentality is very motivated in the east. Although the thinking may be traditional, we have noticed that order, authority and respect still have meaning here. In contrast to western Europe, technical faculties also have a considerable number of women. Our students are therefore a mix of men and women. Experience has shown that women joining ‘male’ technical businesses has a positive effect on the atmosphere in organisations. Some clients wish to be present during recruiting to be able to select their future employees as early as possible. We offer this option, of course. There is also the option to add specific knowledge to the training. Being present at the start allows the best match to be made.